She was like the sun to me. The brightest star I’ve seen in my entire life! Always here to light up my way, to guide me, to inspire me. She was hot, very hot, I was like the earth in continuous movement, rotating around her! I needed her warmth! Whenever she smiles, I always had that amazing feeling, the one that is very addictive and yet hard to explain! My life was going like a shooting star: fast, beautiful, magic!

However, I did not know there were other planets too. This was when I really opened my eyes! I saw asteroids passing near me, they wanted to hit me, to hurt me, to destroy me? i don’t know but I could not move, stuck alone, no way i could win this fight! So I tried to forget her, to bury those memories we shared, I didn’t know what to do! At nights, there were other stars, shining, twinkling, dancing for me. Some would even touch me! Inside, I was shaking, but i tried to calm down myself.. Inside my head, something was telling me to let her go! I tried to talk to her many times, in vain! She wouldn’t listen. My greatest fear was to lose her. Now I sleep the day and wake up at night, it feels much better. I made a new friend; the moon! Sometimes like an eclipse, She would protect me from those burning rays! Oh sun!, If our force of attraction was not this big, I would definitely run and explore the galaxy!

”However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.” – Stephen Hawking